Now is the Time to Buy Precious Metals and Food

The ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic has probably lit a fire under your butt and motivated you to beef up your preparations for the inevitable economic collapse our decadent society is hurtling towards.

As humans, we can not last more than a month without food and stockpiling non-perishables and other shelf-stable food supplies is vital to your survival once TSHTF. Rice, flour, canned meats, and veggies or even commercially available freeze-dried products will get your preps off to the right start but the essential component is not only to have enough food but to have food that every member of your family will willingly eat and enjoy. These foods need to also be nutritious and calorie-dense along with having a very long shelf life. Certain foods such as rice, honey, chocolate, dried beans, sugar, and others have incredibly long shelf lives and properly stored may never expire.

There are things we will need post TSHTF and with the economy, in ruins, another currency will reign supreme as it always has throughout human history. Precious metals will be your meal ticket in a post-collapse environment. Do not grow all your eggs into the gold basket though as silver will absolutely become the pocket change of the brave new world that waits for us. Even with gold, it should be noted that one once gold coins are great but will need to be divided down since an ounce of the yellow stuff will be incredibly valuable. There are on the market today gold bars that can be broken down into smaller pieces making the process of ‘making change’ post-collapse a lot simpler.

Gold, silver, and food storage are essential components of any survival and preparedness plan but must also be coupled with the equipment, skills, and knowledge that are crucial for our human survival when the services we all depend on fail us.